Through your whitelabel dashboard, you will be able to inspect all the users of your app. You can do this in the “Clients” tab.

Please be patient when loading this page, as we may need to calculate the real-time usage of your users. You will be able to see their email, their number of created chatbots, their credit usage, their storage usage, and, if you scroll to the right in the table, their signup date.

On the rightmost side of the table, you will see two very powerful options:

  1. Access user’s account as admin
  2. Delete user

Option 1 allows you to log in to a user’s account, and perform all the operations the user is able to do. This can be helpful for resolving issues for the user, or helping them set up their chatbots.

Option 2 deletes the user permanently and irreversibly from the app. Do not do this unless you are absolutely certain you must. Please note that if they have an ongoing subscription and their account is deleted, the subscription will keep going even after account deletion. Please communicate with the customer and cancel subscriptions before proceeding with this step.